24th Sep, 2008

Relief in Less than a Minute


I stopped at a clothing store, where I often shop, on my way home from work.  The clerks were quite pleasant and one of them told me she needed to see her doctor but she was afraid to go because she didn’t want to get bad news.  I asked her to close her eyes tight and let them stay closed until she was sure they absolutely could not open, and then she had to try to open them.  Her eyes flew open I told her “good” now go deeper and pay attention to  keeping your eyes closed and let your muscles relax.   You can relax very nicely standing here by the cash register. We repeated this three times at which point she looked very relaxed.  I then told her that she would go to the doctor and that she would use what he told her to the very best benefit for her.  


She smiled and returned from her rest blinking her eyes and stated “this was amazing!”  She also stated that she could hear everything that went on in the store while she was very relaxed.  She knew where she was and felt she was in control but she preferred to stay relaxed.


A colleague stood behind the clerk and watched as her shoulders and whole body relaxed.

Both women stated they were impressed and the one who needed to see a doctor said she would go because it was going to be all right.


All three of us ended up feeling very good.  I was pleased about being able to help someone, the colleague was intrigued about what she had witnessed, and the lucky lady felt confident that she could face her doctor


That is what is so great about hypnosis, it can only take a minute for some things and sometimes more for others. also you don’t have to go into details about yourself in order to get help, unlike your doctor who always wants a history of what is going on.

I have recently been having a lot of trouble sleepnig calmly at night. My thoughts were racing at night and my dreams made me feel as if I had been working all night. So when I woke up in the morning I was very tired. After going through this for several weeks I decide to work with my hypno therapist to correct the problem. The session was very short and worked great. I am now sleeping better, still have dreams, but they are not fast moving so that I am getting better rest.

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