23rd Aug, 2008

Hypnosis is Good for Everything

How wonderful to have a multi-dimensional multipurpose, highly effective tool available and to know that it’s free of negative side effects. How equally wonderful to know that this tool does not require complicated machines, specialized locations, or costly pharmaceuticals and that the majority of human beings can benefit from using it. This marvelous tool, of course, is hypnosis.

Professionals Using Hypnosis

Olympic athlete Steve Hooker used hypnosis to help him overcome assorted obstacles on his way to become  an expert pole vaulter, doctors at the Mayo clinic use hypnosis to obtain anesthesia in their surgery patients and thereby diminish the risks associated with chemical anesthesia. Psychotherapists trained in hypnosis use their skill to alleviate depression and other serious conditions in their clients.

It is well known that the use of hypnosis is excellent for smoking cessation and weight loss and doctors are becoming increasingly aware that hypnosis is an excellent augmentation to medicine.

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Hypnosis for childbirth as taught at Bakersfield HypnoBirthing, using the Mongan Method, is another superb example of how versatile hypnosis is. Expectant mothers are taught self-hypnosis and deep relaxation and consequently are able to birth their babies in comfort.

Prospective parents who long to conceive and who are medically healthy can utilize HypnoFertility (hypnosis to increase the probability of pregnancy) to achieve their goal. HypnoFertility sessions are available at Bakersfield HypnoBirthing.

Hypnosis is Always Used

Hypnosis is used from cradle to grave. Skilled therapists prepare “infertile” couples for pregnancy, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educators teach mothers natural childbirth, lactation experts use hypnosis to relax the mother and increase the milk supply. Hypnosis is also used in parenting and couples counseling, therapists teach patients how to control pain, other therapists show their clients how to overcome trauma and finally hypnosis is used to ease the way for dying people and their families.


I thought you might appreciate knowing that Steve Hooker, the pole vaulter you mentioned, went on to win the Gold medal!

From an Australian newspaper:
Hooker had sessions with a sports psychologist who used hypnotherapy to help fix his fears. He was also taught visualisation techniques and had imagined vaulting in the Bird’s Nest leading into these Games. “I felt like that kind of stuff was cool,” Hooker told the Herald. “The more you do it the more you realise pole vault is mental. Just having any sort of mental stimulation, where you are thinking deeply about what you’re doing, helps.”

Thanks for the update. What a tremendous opportunity - to be able to use hypnosis to win gold. The same is true for everything else we use hypnosis for, the more we practice the better we get and out chances for winning are highly increased. Just imagine using hypnosis for fertility and child birth.

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