Dear Prospective Parent:

Your arms are aching to cradle your beautiful baby, your doctor assures everything is fine and that you are ready to get pregnant yet nothing happens in spite of all of your efforts. Your frustration and disappointment increases with each passing month and you start to quietly resent all the pregnant women that seem to be everywhere you look. You are now ready to experience HypnoFertility.

What is HypnoFertility?

HypnoFertility is a powerful and effective mind/body program developed by Board Certified Hypnotherapist Lynsi Eastburn, the award-winning creator of the one-of-a kind program for promoting natural fertility. HypnoFertility enhances natural fertility through hypnosis. Hypnosis is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after approaches to fertility.

Stresses Relating to Pregnancy

A number of reasons can affect fertility in any couple’s attempt to have a successful pregnancy. If all health factors have been ruled out, then stress can be the main contributor to prevent conception. The stress of trying to become pregnant adds to the pre-existing stress of not getting pregnant, which can lead to guilt, self-doubt and negative self-talk.

HypnoFertility Helps Fight Pregnancy Stresses

Hypnosis is excellent for negating all the destructive feelings and beliefs without negative side effects. The HypnoFertility program uses hypnosis to guide you to easily access that relaxed and integrated state that opens your womb for conception. Studies have shown that HypnoFertility can increase your chances of achieving a natural conception by as much as 50%.

HypnoFertility is also helpful if you elect to receive support while undergoing IVF or other medical procedures. Doctors have recommended this process. It is much more than just visualization; it is also a precise, powerful program that supports the entire fertility process for excellent results.

HypnoFertility is available in Bakersfield. Contact Stella@BakersfieldHypnoBirthing.com.

Stella has studied under Lynsi Eastburn. She is a Certified HypnoBirthing Fertility Therapist.

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