27th Feb, 2009

Of Course We Need to Cut, Right?


Rumor has it, or maybe it’s conventional wisdom, that a woman who delivers her baby by Cesarean Section absolutely must deliver any subsequent babies by surgical means as well.  This bit of birthing “fact” is puzzling to at least one obstetrician /gynecologist (OB/GYN) Dr. Mark Landon, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at the Ohio State University Medical Center.  Doctor Landon asked: “How can a hospital say it can handle an emergency C-Section due to fetal distress yet not be able to do a VBAC?” 

VBAC is a term that denotes a vaginal birth after cesarean.


Presently it appears that some women in the public lime light schedule elective C-Sections to accommodate their schedules.  This might indicate that women prefer the “convenience” of birthing by surgical intervention.  However, not all women choose to deliver their babies by having major abdominal surgery.  On the contrary, a growing number of expectant mothers including those who had a previous C-Section prefer to give birth as nature intended and are insisting on a VBAC.  These mothers are met with considerable resistance from hospitals who don’t necessarily have an official policy against VBACs but are reluctant to admit a woman who wants a VBAC because the obstetricians refuse to perform them.


This situation seems really strange in view of several factors such as today’s  restrictive economic climate of shrinking health care dollars,  the increased focus on premium health, and the expanding demand for organic foods.  From this perspective VBACs should be promoted and encouraged by health care providers and the insurance companies as a vaginal birth is less expensive than a surgical birth and far less risky to the health of the mother.


HypnoBirthing® supports the mother’s choice for her birthing.  She is encouraged to listen to her body and to learn to trust birth.  We refrain from giving medical advice because we are child birth educators and strive to educate our parents to make informed choices.  We have deep respect for all helping professionals and we know our scope of practice.   We also know beyond any doubt that birth is beautiful and natural and that babies deserve to be treated with dignity and respect during the birthing process.   


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.So many women are totally unaware that after having a caesarean they are able to have a natural vaginal birth that it is a safer option than having a repeat caesarean. .In Australia and other countries especially those with a well entrenched private maternity care system the Caesarean rate stands at an average of 32 .Most of these women will have another baby..Research shows that vaginal birth is likely for 65-80 of women who have had a single lower segment caesarean.

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