23rd Mar, 2009

Nature Won Again


Women have been made to fear birth and don’t believe in themselves.  How sad this sentence is and the more so because it’s true and it describes a very unnecessary and unnatural situation.


Approximately seven months ago a British woman gave birth to her third child at home and unassisted.  She reports that this baby, a boy, is by far the calmest of her three and she strongly believes that his demeanor is a reflection of the calm surrounding his birth.  She also stated that Jacob’s birth was her “easiest and most enjoyable delivery.”  The birth lasted five minutes, Jacob weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and he was in perfect health.  His two older siblings were born in a hospital and most likely the mother had planned on having at least assistance with this birth as well.  However, nature took over and the little boy arrived exactly at the time of his choice.


By her own testimony this mother was better of at home.  She avoided being stuck in a bed, she was in familiar surroundings, and nobody interfered with the birthing process.  Clearly her body knew what to do, which is exactly what we teach in HypnoBirthing® classes.  We tell mothers to trust birth and to follow the lead of their body.  We also offer strong support towards the mother having the birth of her choice.  It is our belief that nature knows best and we prefer that a woman gives birth to her child in a manner of her choosing to preserve and enhance the well being of herself and her baby.  




Beautiful posting Stella & one worth thoughtful consideration by all parents who are bringing a new child into their family

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