14th Oct, 2008

My baby will be born when she is ready

I wanted to piggy back Stella’s Birthing and Traffic analogy post.  All I can say is Amen.  Timing is everything.  I’m a HypnoBirthing mom and student of Stella.  I’m around 35 or so weeks along.  My child is still moving around some, but I think she has moved into optimal birthing position after she and I had a little HypnoBirthing inspired talk.  :)  My doctor was talking C-section when she discovered my baby was transverse at my Friday doctor’s appointment last week.  I don’t believe she is transverse now and I think I feel her little bottom at the top of my abdomen.

My doctor was more than eager to do a C-Section due to my prior C-section with my son and I’m sure her scheduling issues and convenience factors.   She has a very indifferent attitude when it comes to this.  I discovered my doctor is severely absentminded and very forgetful due to a recent experience in which she performed a total hysterectomy, some other repairs and a bladder lift for my mother two weeks ago.  She is the complete opposite of “mindful” which is the descriptive that I require for anybody who deals with me or my baby.  I do have plans to stay at home until the very last minute or crowning occurs (grin, I may go to the hospital just short of crowning), due to this fact.

My child will be born when she is ready.  She will not be cut out, induced out or pushed out.


Candice, sounds like you and little Jade are working very well together. She will get into position and get ready for birth when the time suits her.
As for the doctor, unless there is a medical emergency to you or the baby, she needs to keep her scalpel to herself.
Continue to talk with Jade and remind her that she is welcome to stay inside for as long as it takes for her to get ready. Also remind her that you want her to be in the best possible position for birth so please position yourself in the optimum position.
Things will be fine, continue to listen to the Rainbow Relaxation daily and practice your breathing.
Love, Stella

Thank you Stella. My Rainbow Relaxation and the affirmations prior to it are wonderful. And a daily routine at this point. :) Jade is indeed very in tune and after adequate wiggling (while she still has room!) she will settle in to optimal position, which like I said, I think she has done already!

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