2nd Mar, 2009

Intervention Free HypnoBirthing Birth Story

Here is a great HB story from a woman who had a very interventionist first birth.  She expected her 2nd birth to be even harder and worse than the first…….Not so with HB!


My water broke at about 12:30 am on the morning of Dec 20th (10 days before “due date”). This was nice since I then had some warning before going into labor. I was not able to go back to sleep right away because I was excited about the baby coming. I was not having any surges yet. I sent some e-mails and closed up some things for work that night while I waited for the surges to start. Finally I went to bed about 3 am and deeply relaxed. As soon as I achieved deep relaxation I had a strong surge (around 3am). I continued to have surges as long as I was relaxed, but only about every 30 min or so. I slept a little between surges. At 7am I woke my husband and called a neighbor to keep our 3-yr-old daughter. We dropped her off at 7:45 with our neighbor and headed for the hospital. (When I called my midwife the night before she said I could come into the hospital in the early morning—she suggested 6am but I didn’t want to call my neighbor that early if I didn’t need too). On the way to the hospital I suggested we stop at the grocery store. My husband said, “are you serious?” but stopped for me anyway. We shopped for snacks for the day. A sandwich for him, yogurt for me, and doughnuts for both of us. I got my favorite doughnut to celebrate after the birth since I should no longer have gestational diabetes then. Before we got to the checkout, I informed my husband that I had 4 or 5 surges since we arrived at the store. He raised his eyebrows and with wide eyes said, “then they are coming every few minutes! We better get going!” I told him, “I think we still have time, I’m still pretty comfortable”. I am amazed now at how calm I was. I would walk around the store and just stop and breathe and relax whenever I had a surge. I called my doula, Joleen, and she said, “I guess we’re going to have a baby before Christmas after all” and I thought, “We’re going to have a baby before noon!”

We arrived at the hospital and got checked in. I think I got to my room about 9am. The midwife offered to check my cervix, but said she didn’t have to yet, so I declined. About 10:00 I ate some of my yogurt and about half of Dan’s sandwich. After that the surges got stronger. I really felt it in my lower back. Dan put pressure on my lower back and that helped. I felt like I was having trouble relaxing, but Dan and the nurse assured me that I looked very relaxed. Dan offered the iPod, where we had the relaxation recordings, but all I did was put the earphone on my ear and I did not turn it on. It seems the sensation of that on my ear was enough to help (I had practiced with the iPod at home). The surges were very intense by then and were coming closer together. I asked Dan to run a bath for me. I needed his help getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. I got one foot in the bath and decided I’d better sit on the toilet first. I sat on the toilet and felt the baby descending. Dan said I looked scared at that point, but I just remember being surprised and thinking, “I have to get back to bed!” Dan helped me back to the bed and I crawled in on my hands and knees and ended up staying in that position. I started to breath the baby down. I was aware that the room was filling up with people, but I tried to stay focused on breathing. I would rest between contractions so I ended up more in a position of elbows and knees, but my knees were tucked up kind of close to my elbows and the head of the bed was raised, so that I was pretty horizontal. For about 15 minutes I think, I breathed the baby down. That is when the midwife checked me for the first time. She said I had a tiny bit of cervix left. After that I felt an uncontrolled need to push and I did. I groaned and might have yelled a bit, but I also spoke to myself and my baby. I remember saying, “get out!” and “You can do it!” and “almost there!” After his head came out I rested. I was glad at that point to remember some of the videos from the hypnobirthing class where the women had rested at this point. I needed to rest, and I also needed to know it was okay to do this. I still had to push very hard to get his shoulders out after that and he did have some bruising, but I think this is just because he was such a large baby. He was born at 10:45 am. The midwife passed him between my legs so I could look down and see my baby crying. I remember thinking “he looks healthy” because he was crying well. I rolled over with help and held my baby on my abdomen and we waited for the cord to stop pulsating. Then I cut the cord. This is something that I had wanted to do with my first child, but by that time I was too tired to do so. This time I remember being so glad that I actually had some energy left after the birth! I told everyone in the room “wow, that wasn’t so bad!”

I also realized at that point that my husband and I were able to do this largely on our own. Because things happened so fast, our doula arrived at the end while I was already pushing. We were not alarmed by this or concerned. I felt very prepared. I could tell immediately after that my recovery would be easier and swifter than it was with my first child (and it has been!)


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