9th Sep, 2008

Hypnobirthing skills in stress management!

My mother, 2 year old son and I went to Santa Barbara for her biannual doctor’s appointment.  She gets optimal care here and the 2 hour drive is worth it.  My son, as I mentioned in earlier blogs has difficulty in communicating some of his wants and needs.  He also has quite a temper and has a blood curdling wail that can drive a pregnant woman a little batty.  We are in a hotel room which leaves little room for his carefree running around which makes him more prone to fits.  To cut to the chase, after redirection and appropriate punishment for misbehavior, this mommy uses her Hypnobirthing skills to ground and regroup!  Self-hypnosis is an invaluable tool for stress management and only takes a minute or two to accomplish.  Viva la self-hypnosis!


Good job Candace managing yourself and your little one by using peaceful means. HypnoBirthing is a life skill that benefits everyone in your family. One of the beauties of this method is the simplicity and effectiveness of hypnosis.

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