16th Aug, 2008

HypnoBirthing and Sleep Interruption

A recent study shows that people are groggier and think less clearly when woken up during their nighttime sleep than during their afternoon nap. This finding is hardly a surprise to new parents who often find themselves staggering around in a daze because their baby does not know the difference between night and day and has a tendency to wake up demanding food and attention throughout the night. This situation can create frazzled nerves, impaired decision making and some times guilty wishful thinking about the tranquil pre-baby days.

HypnoBirthing Helps with Sleep Interruption

HypnoBirthing parents have excellent defenses against this difficult situation, as most HypnoBirthing babies are calm and have a tendency to adjust to the world outside the womb without too much difficulty. HypnoBirthing babies have learned to relax to the strains of soothing music or to the hypnotic voice of the Rainbow relaxation their mother listened to during her pregnancy.

Their entry into this world was peaceful with everyone in attendance showing proper respect towards the miracle of birth. The baby was spared separation anxiety because his mother kept him close and he was able to bond with her and feel safe and protected nestling against her skin suckling at her breast.

How HypnoBirthing Helps Babies

HypnoBirthing parents have practiced relaxation throughout the pregnancy and consequently are in tune with themselves. They have learned to use self-hypnosis to achieve the peaceful state of hypnotic trance and they have gained the confidence to know that they can return to beneficial sleep on “demand.”

HypnoBirthing is a way of life with babies and parents bonded together in trust and everyone enjoying the security gained by mutual respect and love.

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