27th Sep, 2008

Flower Power and HypnoBirthing®


“A rose by any other name still smells as sweet” exclaimed Juliet to Romero in the play Romero and Juliet written by Shakespeare.   Flowers have evoked strong symbolic connotations in English speakers for hundreds of years and flower language still flourishes.


 One of the images used in HypnoBirthing is an unfolding rose.  The birthing mother is asked to use her breathing techniques to bring herself into relaxation, then close her eyes and envision her baby moving gently down the birth path to the vaginal outlet.  Birth is compared to the gentle opening of flower petals and like the rose birth happens without help from others.  There is no more need for drugs, interventions, or medicine in a normal healthy birthing, than the flower needs help to open to its’ full glory.  Both the flower and the baby will arrive in their own time using flower power.


HypnoBirthing mothers often describe their birthing as a most amazing and wonderful experience.  One mother stated she was in a dream like state during labor because she was so relaxed and only her excitement prevented her from going to sleep.   Her feeling was so wonderfully intense that she was looking forward to bearing a sibling to her newborn because she wanted to live through the miracle again. 


This feeling of wanting to have another baby immediately following a birth is so different from what mothers, who were subjected to pitocin, epidurals and other interventions express.  HypnoBirthing mothers are empowered and joyous and they are blissfully free of needing painful repairs to their perineum. 


The product of a HypnoBirth, the HypnoBirthing baby is described by her ecstatic mother as being calm, alert and simply wonderful.  The mother also feels that she and the father will be excellent parents because of HypnoBirthing.  




























I can only say that if I had known about this method 30 years ago when I had my first child I would have embraced it without any doubts. I have had some wonderful experiences with hypnosis and can only assume that it would carry over into this method of birthing.

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