6th Sep, 2008

Depression, HypnoBirthing® and Baby’s Responses

 As reported in An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology maternal depression during pregnancy “has a negative impact on children’s development even when postnatal (after delivery) depression has been taken into account.”  


For all of us in HypnoBirthing this finding confirms what we already know.   The mother and baby relationship goes way beyond the physical, the unborn baby is aware of his mother’s feelings and moods.  When the mother is happy the baby feels good as well, when she is upset, scared or she experiences any other feeling, the baby also shares those emotions.


The unborn baby is aware of, and reacts to, sounds in the external environment.  He knows when his mother is surrounded by music and other sounds and he has preferences.  A pregnant mother reported she went to a loud rock concert, but she had to leave because her baby was kicking so hard she became uncomfortable.  Likewise, babies respond to other types of music.  Mothers have reported that their baby adjusted her position so as to hear the music she was playing.  Other mothers report that they use soft music, classical music, or the Rainbow relaxation provided as part of the HypnoBirthing course, to relax their unborn baby.


With this in mind it is hardly surprising that the unborn reacts to his mother’s mood.  The study about depression and child development found that 9 percent or 893 of the children who were tested were developmentally delayed at age 18 months.  The researchers further discovered that if the mother suffered persistent depression during her pregnancy, the odds of developmental delay in her child increased by 50 percent.


HypnoBirthing mothers learn to focus and relax and to turn their attention inwards.   The HypnoBirthing instructor is often also a trained hypnotherapist who is alert to the state of their student and can offer professional support.  If a particular HypnoBirthing instructor is not a trained therapist they will refer their student to someone who can help.






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