16th Sep, 2008

Communication is not “Copenhagen Green”


As reported in the Danish newspaper “Politiken” a group of Danes want to encourage the citizens of Copenhagen, Denmark to sit on outdoors benches and converse.  To this end 32 formerly “Copenhagen Green” benches have been re-painted in various bright colors and the slogan “Citizens of Copenhagen talk” has been added to the benches.  The thought is for the Copenhagen dwellers to get to know each other by communicating face to face.  


The project is brand new and its’ success hasn’t yet been realized.  However, the idea is great; communication is an excellent method for people to become acquainted and to build a community.


Communication can take several forms.  One of the most common is spoken language which resonates in our cultural heritage and our society.  We use and interpret language according to the dictates of our upbringing and experience.  As such it’s of utmost importance that we select our words with care.  


One of the focus points in HypnoBirthing® is language.  We have a list of positive words we use in stead of the heavily laden scare words employed in medical settings.  For instance the word “contraction” which evokes feelings of pain is replaced with the word “surge” which might elicit feelings of power and possibly remind the speaker of a day on the beach.  


We are also mindful of the fact that the subconscious mind does not comply with the negative.  In order to not think of something, we first have to think about it and thus the seed is sown.  Consequently we encourage our parents to concentrate on what they want and to direct their energy towards their goal.  


HypnoBirthing mothers experience birth rehearsals where they are encouraged to visualize and direct their upcoming birth.  By the use of hypnosis they focus and concentrate and make decisions for matters such as how long their labor will be, how they will experience their surges, and how it will be to hold their newborn in their arms.


Our mothers are also prepared for the possibility that special circumstance might necessitate interventions.  Their HypnoBirthing skills will ensure that they are able to maintain calm and thereby produce a steady flow of positive birthing hormones even if they have to agree to interventions.


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