13th Nov, 2008

Avoid Pain Free Promises


Public opinion seems to suggest that a successful birth is synonymous with a pain free birth.  I’m not sure how this opinion became public or how the idea became an opinion?  It is possible that some child birth educators promise their students a pain free birth but HypnoBirthing® is definitely not in that category. 


In the words of Marie Mongan, the mother of the original HypnoBirthing ® program “HypnoBirthing doesn’t promise you a pain free birth.  I can tell you that almost 70 percent of our mothers do experience what they call a comfortable birth and a manageable and safe birth for their babies, and they express satisfaction with our program.”


HypnoBirthing certainly teaches mothers to relax and to follow the lead of their body.  However, we do not suggest that all births will be free of complications.  In fact we alert our mothers to take charge of her birth regardless of the circumstances and that she will have a HypnoBirthing birth because she took the HypnoBirthing course.  We know that there are times when, through no fault of the mother, things just don’t turn out as she had hoped.  Even when that may be the case, the mother will experience the birthing with far less apprehension, with less discomfort and with a huge feeling of pride for having given the baby the best possible birth that she could.


It is my strong opinion that all babies and all parents are well served by the HypnoBirthing philosophy.  It is my wish that all expectant mothers will learn the HypnoBirthing lessons and that they will utilize the HypnoBirthing skills throughout their life.




Thank you for this blog I wish I had found it sooner! Please keep up the great work.

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