23rd Jun, 2009

Absolutely it’s Momlogic, HypnoBirthing®


As many men will tell you, women have a logic all of their own.  It’s possible that the mention of special woman logic is intended to “explain” in a slightly condescending manner, some of the “unusual “actions women practice.  Be that as it may, men and women are definitely different from each other which is an excellent arrangement considering that nature has assigned vastly different roles to the two genders.


 It is fine to discriminate between the genders in terms of function, but it’s pointless to assign value with the intent to name one gender “superior” to the other.  Both complement each other and thus form a harmonious whole.   


The conception of a baby usually requires a man and a woman cooperating, but so far, giving birth is solely the provenance of the woman.  Women’s bodies are supremely designed for conception and birth.  However, our modern culture with all its’ tremendous gadgets and inventions, is suggesting that a birthing woman “belongs” in a hospital where she can be monitored to make sure her birth progresses on schedule and that she and her baby is safe.  


HypnoBirthing the Mongan method teaches that pregnancy and child birth are non medical events and that a healthy mother with a healthy baby can safely birth her child in a location of her choice. By taking HypnoBirthing classes the mother learns to overcome the “fear tension pain” syndrome by practicing special breathing techniques and self hypnosis with the result, that her birthing is pleasant and positive for all involved. 


Increasingly the word about HypnoBirthing is spreading.  One of the most recent events is an interview with HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator (HBCE) Stella Greenhalgh in the online publication Momlogic.com.  The article gives a nice overview of HypnoBirthing in addition to a reference to Bakersfield Hypnobirthing.com where people can learn additional information.


Likewise people can access the HypnoBirthing website associated with the HypnoBirthing Institute to find local practitioners, read great birth stories and a wealth of other interesting material.


Indeed HypnoBirthing is Momlogic.




Well what I do is offer a complete Childbirth education programme called Hypnobirthing that teaches parents-to-be that birthing doesnt have to be this way. Women all over the world are now turning to HypnoBirthing o show them that birthing is normal natural and healthy and that they can birth their babies into the world safely without drugs and with a minimum of discomfort..

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