HypnoBirthing ® the Mongan Method is based on the premise that mother and nature absolutely knows best and that we, as women, don’t need technology to birth and care for our babies.
 Ian Laing, a consultant neonatologist, at the hospital where a 20 oz. baby girl was born and survived after her mother placed her [...]

As many men will tell you, women have a logic all of their own.  It’s possible that the mention of special woman logic is intended to “explain” in a slightly condescending manner, some of the “unusual “actions women practice.  Be that as it may, men and women are definitely different from each other which is [...]

9th May, 2009

Mother’s Day Eve

On this mother’s day eve I’m finding myself once again reading passages in Marie Mongan’s book HypnoBirthing®  as I’m reflecting on babies, motherhood, fatherhood, and the world where all of us live.  I just finished ordering ten copies of the book from the HypnoBirthing Institute in preparation for my upcoming child birth classes and I [...]

A recently released study found, after examining 160,000 children,  that babies born at 34 to 36 weeks were 36 percent more likely to have developmental delays including learning difficulties in kindergarten than those born during the 37th to 41st week of pregnancy.  
These findings are significant because they support arguments against scheduling Cesarean section births [...]

As I arrived to work this morning I noticed a young boy and a woman, probably his mother, hurrying out of the hospital where I am employed.  They were moving rapidly and the woman was holding the boy’s hand.  That she was holding his hand didn’t strike me as surprising, but I did take a [...]

23rd Mar, 2009

Nature Won Again

Women have been made to fear birth and don’t believe in themselves.  How sad this sentence is and the more so because it’s true and it describes a very unnecessary and unnatural situation.
Approximately seven months ago a British woman gave birth to her third child at home and unassisted.  She reports that this baby, a [...]

Breastfeeding appears to be a hotly debated subject with the pro side just as vehement as the con side and each group somehow giving the impression, that breastfeeding an infant is a radical act. 
I have difficulty recognizing breastfeeding as “radical” just like I have some trouble understanding why a lactation expert is needed.  In [...]

As reported in the Danish newspaper “Politiken” March 1, 2009.  An increasing number of pregnant Danish women are requesting to birth by elective Cesarean Section because they are afraid to birth naturally.  This is a strange development in a country where women traditionally are encouraged to birth accompanied by a midwife and birth is considered [...]

Here is a great HB story from a woman who had a very interventionist first birth.  She expected her 2nd birth to be even harder and worse than the first…….Not so with HB!
My water broke at about 12:30 am on the morning of Dec 20th (10 days before “due date”). This was nice since [...]

Rumor has it, or maybe it’s conventional wisdom, that a woman who delivers her baby by Cesarean Section absolutely must deliver any subsequent babies by surgical means as well.  This bit of birthing “fact” is puzzling to at least one obstetrician /gynecologist (OB/GYN) Dr. Mark Landon, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at the Ohio State University [...]